The System will give players and teams immediate access to the techniques used consistently by the world’s top shooters.


The Pro Shot Shooting System is an advanced shooting program based on biomechanics and focusing. The System is currently being employed by thousands of professional, collegiate and high school players and hundreds of AAU, high school and collegiate teams.

The PS System is the most complete shooting program on the market. We 100% GUARANTEE any player or team that uses the PS System on a daily basis will become more accurate shooter(s).


Shooting technique always begins with a proper release.

The release is the most important part of a player’s shooting form because a player’s shooting hand is the only thing in direct contact with the ball that influences where the ball goes. Everything else is simply a secondary of indirect influence. The shooting hand is the most dominant factor in a player’s success.

Pick a great shooter, any great shooter, and study their release. What you will find is that they have a consistent release that does not vary from shot to shot, and their release is always straight in regards to the basket. This is the #1 reason why they are great and explains their consistent results.

So why is the answer the index finger release? SIMPLE…


The index finger is in the middle of the shooter’s hand/grip.


The index finger gives the shooter one aligning tool instead of having to choose between multiple (as in with four fingers down or shooting with the “V” between the index and middle finger.


The index finger is the straightest finger. (in a spread grip outstretched release the index finger aligns in the middle)


The index finger is the strongest finger. (because of the hand’s anatomy the index finger accounts for the greatest straight strength in the hand)


Dominating with the index finger allows for a balanced grip.


The OFFHAND is often what we refer to as “the glue to shooting”.

Often an overlooked or undervalued part of shooting technique, the offhand is a valuable technique for accurate shooting. Typically known as the “guide hand” we applied a slightly different label. We call it the OFFHAND because it’s not just a guide, but rather a guide for the ball and balance for the upper body. Shooting a basketball is a precision aiming process so we like to use similar techniques as an archer. We need accuracy and balance much like that of an archer.

Coach Don Meyer taught this technique to combat a lazy or dropped offhand that pulled players off balance and off line on their shot. When this technique is not used the offhand can negatively affect the shooting alignment of a player.

This simple technique is illustrated further in our OFFHAND video.


The RHYTHM of a player’s shot is produced by the shooting DIP.

We are BIG on fundamentals. Dipping the ball is a basketball fundamental. It allows a player to achieve a triple threat position. It allows a player to create inertia or momentum to allow for a quicker, smoother, more powerful shot.

The DIP is something many players are told not to do but is a natural motion for a shooter backed by science and physics. It’s used mainly for power and allows a shooter to be an accurate one-motion shooter. When you look at great shooters at any level the overwhelming majority use the DIP. RHYTHM is a crucial part of a shooter’s technique because basketball is an open skill sport (open skill or open environment meaning that the environment is always changing).

Check out our RHYTHM video for more information.


The EYES is a player’s key to receiving feedback on their shot.

A shooter’s ability to use their EYES properly is key to consistency and success. Feedback is a vital part of a player’s success and the EYES provide the feedback a player needs during the shot to stay consistent or adjust from shot to shot. The EYES are the main component in a skill that requires precision aiming and targeting.

Check out our EYES video to gain feedback as a shooter.


SWAY is the one technique that allows for arc, rhythm, power, comfort, balance and a higher release point.

The simplest way for me to describe the SWAY is extension. It’s really a full body follow through. The cause of the SWAY is the shoulders and how the shoulders are positioned and used during and after the shot. The effect of the SWAY is seen in the feet flowing or sweeping forward into a landing that is closer to the basket than what the shooter started.

Check out our video on the SWAY for more information.


The TURN is the second most important shooting technique after the release.

The TURN is the only technique that greatly affects a player’s ability to correct all four ways to miss (left, right, short and long). The most important thing about the TURN is a player’s shoulders but the TURN also can be seen in the feet and hips. The TURN aligns a player for a straighter shot and balances a player for better leverage and power in their shot.

Check out our TURN video here.