Our Pro Shot Academies are structured to fully immerse players in the system and give them the full Pro Shot experience over a 2 or 3 day period.


The Academies run either 12 hours over 2 days or 15 or 18 hours over 3 days. Pro Shot’s entire fundamental shooting system is covered from the most fundamental aspects to a more detailed approach as the Academy progresses. The Academy is for serious players as it includes both time on the court and time in the “classroom”. Academies are for Grades 6-Adult (ages 10 and up) as players are required to take notes, fill out charts, and track progress of their shot over the course of the Academy.

Our Pro Shot clinics are structured to give a basic introduction and overview of the Pro Shot System, how it works and how it is meant to be used.


The Clinics run in lengths of 3, 4 and 6 hours per day. Pro Shot’s fundamental shooting system is covered and we explain to the players what each technique should look like and how it is used. It teaches the players how to approach use of the Pro Shot System for themselves and how to evaluate themselves as a shooter. Clinics are for Grades 4-Adult (ages 8 and up). 70% On Court Instruction & 30% “Classroom” Instruction (with Video presentation)

  • The FINGER Release
  • Use of the OFFHAND
  • RHYTHM using the DIP
  • RHYTHM using the HOP
  • The role of the EYES in shooting a basketball
  • the reason for the SWAY and it’s usage
  • The TURN and it’s role in Alignment of the shot and the shooter


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Rockford, OH July 15-17, 2019
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