Pro Shot seeks to revolutionize the way shooting is viewed and taught. Our goal is to teach players how to become accurate, comfortable, efficient and quick shooters. We give players the tools and knowledge to become pure shooters.


The Pro Shot Shooting System is an advanced shooting program based on historical research, knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics and the study of the best shooters at every level.  The Pro Shot System is currently being utilized by thousands of professional, collegiate, high school, AAU and youth players and teams.

The Pro Shot System is the most complete shooting program ever created.  Since 2008 we have been traveling the world and teaching our methods to players everywhere. At first, we were one of the most ridiculed programs in the game of basketball teaching techniques and methods that were laughed at by the vast majority of coaches. We are now responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of success stories from players and teams at all levels who have utilized our teachings and become the best shooters on their team, in their league, in their state and even in the history of college basketball.

At Pro Shot, we believe 90% of what is taught today in regards to shooting is outdated and obsolete.  Using shooting concepts based from the 1920’s and 30’s will develop a player into becoming a slow and overly mechanical shooter. Simply put, if a player uses these outdated techniques, he/she will ultimately fail.

The Pro Shot Shooting System works because it is simple. The system is backed by science and proven by many of the greatest shooters to ever play the game of basketball. We focus on six areas of the body to produce accurate, rhythmic and quick shooters.

There is not a shooting system in the world that will improve a player’s mental and physical shooting skills as quickly as the PRO SHOT SHOOTING SYSTEM. You will see results in a matter of minutes.

Pro Shot is America’s leader in shooting and skills training with having conducted thousands of camps in 49 States since 2008. Our combination of clinics, academies and online videos can set any player on the path to become a PURE shooter.

So what are you waiting for? Are YOU ready to become the next Pro Shot SUCCESS Story?


Shooting a basketball is the most important fundamental skill a player can possess, yet it is easily the least understood aspect in all of basketball (and perhaps all of sports).

Basketball coaches are taught by their coaches who are taught by their coaches. Basketball information is generally passed down by coaches from generation to generation. In other words, we are currently being taught to shoot like players from the 1950’s. The game of basketball has changed greatly during the past five decades and this outdated shooting form no longer works in today’s game.

The best shooters in the world DO NOT use the techniques that are currently taught by most coaches in the United States. These outdated techniques include: squaring the feet, knees fully bent, and getting shoulder width. When you watch the best NBA, WNBA and Collegiate players, they DO NOT employ the concepts that your grandfather used. Instead, they shoot quick and narrow.